PWC God’s Baby Factory (PWC GBF)

God’s Baby Factory is PWC’s platform for women trying to conceive (TTC). This support group was created for women waiting to have their own child or children. We believe that children are a gift from God and we trust that our children will be birthed in the place of prayer, produced in God’s very own baby factory. In GBF, we produce special children who will be used mightily by God. Here, the wait is worth it!

Good Morning Holy Spirit (GMHS)

In PWC, we meet on Zoom from Monday to Friday (morning) to pray in the Spirit (Speaking in tongues for 30mins). This is a powerful way to build up our most holy faith early in the morning, setting the tone for the day. There are 3 different time slots to accommodate members in Nigeria and Africa, the United States and Canada and Europe.