Retreat 2021 lineup

One very amazing highlight for us at each PWC Retreat is always the Worship sessions. We know God’s major purpose for us during this retreat is to bring us closer collectively into a deeper fellowship, communion and a time of undiluted worship. He desires a people who will worship Him in Spirit and in truth, casting their crowns and lifting holy hands in total reverence of who He is, singing sweet melodies to Him, pouring our sweet perfume of worship and praise to our lover and King. Worship still remains one very beautiful way of expressing our love to God with our entire being. It inclines our hearts to our maker in a beautiful way, strengthening us, convicting us, building us up and restoring us. At the retreat, we would be having amazing sessions of worship led by Spirit-filled and seasoned worship ministers who have been prepared by the Father for this. We would be engaging every of our being in worship of our King and Saviour. We will raise altars of worship as we sing beautiful melodies to God, devoting ourselves wholly to Him, and being transformed in His presence.

Another session we are particularly excited about is the Aerobics/Health talk session. As women, one major part of our lives most of us don’t pay as much attention to is our fitness and health. A lot of us feel we are 100% healthy just because we don’t feel sick. However, besides general fitness purposes, aerobics have been proven to greatly help in reducing risks of major health issues like heart disease, stroke, obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, some types of cancer, and so on. It also improves stamina and blood distribution, helps you to cultivate and maintain a healthy lifestyle, amongst other benefits. And it doesn’t have to be a neck-breaking activity; just going for a walk regularly, for example, helps to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. At the retreat, we would be having a professional aerobic instructor lead us through an aerobic session, as well as showing us how to carry out basic aerobic exercises on our own so we can make it a personal routine beyond the retreat. After the workouts, the instructor would also give us a health talk on how to cultivate and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s going to be packed with so much information and of course, fun- we’re sure you don’t want to miss it.

We know life throws different things at us on a daily basis, and as women, we are caught in between juggling career, business, general life, and especially having it perfect in our marriages or relationships. It can be quite challenging living in a world that is ever ready to lash out at you as a woman when it seems like you aren’t measuring up to their expectations, or even when you’re doing way better than their expectations. We know we have our struggles and we yearn to have someone we can pour it all out to, baring it all, holding nothing back. At the Retreat, we would have a session wherein professional Christian Counsellors would be on ground to offer counselling to participants. We know the importance of seeking help and having a listening ear to talk to, so whatever that burden is- relationship/marital issues, mental health conditions, trauma, heartbreak, emotional distress, abuse, addiction, stress, etc, you can get the help you need to overcome it, of course, backed with prayers. God is ready to beak that chain, and you will testify of Victory afterwards.

Now before Esther’s Banquet, there was a preparation process. While Esther had 1 year, we will have a few hours of Talks for Single and Married women. Real, honest Ministration.
Crash course of The Esther Curriculum and then a time to glam up!! Because before Esther came before her King she was decorated and spent time getting ready.

Saturday evening is special and prophetic!!! A night of unusual favour with God and with man. We usually have a Love, Dating and Marriage Seminar with a very nice dinner (spouses come too. So this is the only part open to men to attend). This year, we are working on the principle of Esther’s Banquet – Esther was a woman favoured by God! There were two notable banquets / dinners in Esther’s life as recorded in the Bible.

The first was to meet her King – This is for single women. The Bible records that when the King saw her she obtained favour and that was the end of any beauty pageant. He didn’t want any other woman. There was a divine connection.
We are praying for this on the night. That there will be divine connections in Jesus name. Women will meet their Kings and God will seal the deal

For the married women – The next was when she had to speak to the King about the annihilation of the Jews as planned by Mordecai. God have her such favour with her husband that he was willing to give her anything.
We trust God for a powerful work in our marriages, with our spouses – restoration and favour where required. A new love, a new delight in our homes.

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